By Ronda Walker Weaver


Sardine Canyon’s autumnal beauty, steep and deep Provo Canyon, long and windy Nebo, crystal blue lakes of the Wasatch, Alpine Loop overflowing with quakies, Brigham’s orchards, and the sandstone towers of Zion bring more comfort to this Idaho transplant than ever expected.

Yet it’s Mount Timpanogos that has my heart. “Sleeping Lady” Timpanogos is constant in structure, ever-changing in attire; cloaked in snow, dazzling in meadows of green, adorned in the golds and bronzes of aspen and scrub oak. And her sunrises, and sunsets, oh, how they own my heart. This Goddess is my reminder of the beauty in being strong and sensual, consistent and determined, majestic and resilient, resting, waiting. 

My faith gives me no role model for growing old; She shows me how.

Ronda Walker Weaver is a chaplain for Intermountain Healthcare. She enjoys watching Timp from her dining-room window, traveling, listening, creating and thinking out loud at She and her husband have six children and 20 grandchildren.