By Gloria Arredondo

The land of the free
radiates an infinite light.
Everyone is allowed to dream
and invited to extend their wings to fly.

There are those born in faraway lands.
Cruel fate plucked their wings.
Once at birth and again
crossing an imaginary line.

The starless people could only hope
for food, shelter and overtime.
They could not expect tax breaks,
health benefits nor stimulus checks.

Foreigners have children in Zion;
offspring never better seen than they are.        
Some are kept in cages,
Others are sent to fight
for a county that demonizes them.

Starless people do not feel the butterflies 
But, they're using their ripped wings  
to enhance those of their children.
Children born in 'The Land of the Free.’

Gloria Arredondo is a Mexican author and artist, women’s rights advocate, social communicator and passionate poet for truth. She holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering with a minor in Chicano Studies. She is a columnist for Utah’s La Bala magazine and New York’s Al Rojo News.